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P1M Swing Clamp

The P1M Swing Clamp option offers clamping capability to the extensive list of features associated with the P1M cylinder. This option is ideal for clamping applications that have limited space available.
  • 32, 40 and 50 mm bore sizes

  • 10, 20 and 50 mm stroke lengths

  • 90° clamp rotation

  • Rotation reversible in the field

P1A Series Mini-ISO Cylinders

P1A Series cylinders are ideal for the food, packaging and textile industries. All P1A cylinders incorporate adjustable end cushions and magnetic pistons standard. Other standard features include 304 stainless steel bodies and piston rods and black anodized aluminum end caps for superior corrosion resistance.
2MA Series Non-Lube  NFPA Air Cylinder

Lightweight aluminum construction with proven reliability. The 2MA Series is specifically designed to meet the present demand for more efficient, inexpensive linear force and motion actuators. Standard options include adjustable cushions, bumper seals, fluorocarbon seals and stainless steel piston rods. Pressures to 250 PSI
  • 1 ¼  to 9 standard bore sizes from 1 1/4" to 8

  • Single or double-rod versions

  • Strokes to any practical length

  • 17 standard NFPA mounting styles

  • Hydraulic service Available

2A/2AN NFPA Industrial Tie Rod Style Cylinders

Pre-lubricated, durable steel construction cylinder rated to 250 PSIG for the most demanding pneumatic applications. 2A/2AN cylinders offer 4 standard piston rod end configurations as standard and are available with cushions, end of stroke position sensing linear position sensing and a full line of mounting accessories.

  • 13 standard bore sizes from 1" to 14"

  • Rod sizes 1/2” to   51/2" diameter

  • Built to any practical stroke length

  • 18 standard NFPA mounting styles

P1D Series Non-Lube ISO Cylinders

The new P1D Series cylinders offer a number of innovations that can be achieved only by using the best possible materials and design. The result is a complete family of ISO/VDMA cylinders with exceptional performance. The Standard version offers the most cost effective solution. The Removable Gland version adds ease of repair and flexibility. The Clean version, with its positive geometry and hygienic design, offers a solution in washdown environments where cleanliness is key. The Tie Rod version offers a more traditional approach that can be utilized in multiposition cylinders.

10 standard mounting styles
  • 7 standard bore sizes from 32 to 125 mm

  • Four versions:

  1. Standard version (die cast endcaps, composite piston)

  2. Removable Gland version

  3. Clean version (positive geometry/hygienic design)

  4. Tie Rod version (traditional tube and tie rod design)

  • Conforms to the ISO 6431/ VDMA 24562 standards

  • Rod locking device available

PRN/PRNA Series Rotary Actuator

The PRN/PRNA Series uses a rounded vane design in its nine sizes, helping to reduce vane seal leakage and lower breakaway pressure. The PRN/PRNA also has an optional, externally mounted hydraulic shock absorber which can be used in high inertial load applications.

  • Single and double vane

  • Miniature and standard models

  • Optional Hall effect or reed switches and hydraulic shock absorber (hydro-cushion)

  • Foot or flange mounting

  • Maximum operating pressure 9.7 Bar (140 PSI)