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Other Pneumatics Valve

Moduflex Series Valve Islands
With high performance technology, Moduflex opens a new era in the field of electro-pneumatic automation. Valves may be standalone or assembled into short long islands, depending on the application. With IP 65-67 water and dust protection, the valves can be installed near the cylinders for shorter response time and lower air consumption. Metric sizes are also available. Island modifications are easy and adding or removing a valve or changing a valve function, tubing size, or piloting can be done in minutes. Moduflex is offered with DeviceNET, Profibus-DP, Interbus-S, CANopen and ASi serial bus communication protocols.

  • 2 valve sizes

  • 3-way, 2 position single, 4-way, 2-postition single and double, dual 3-way, 2 positions, 3-pos CE, APB and PC

  • 5/32” or 1/4” or 1/2" push-in fittings

  • Peripherals include flow controls, pressure regulators and dual PO check modules

  • Cv = 0.32 to 0.8


Solenoid Valves - ADEX Series

Valves utilize 0.6 watt solenoids with LED and surge suppression. The collective wiring system available for A05 and A12 valves accommodates up to 12 stations and connects with Sub-D 25 or 26-pin ribbon. 4-way, 2 and 3-position and 3-way, 2 position (NO or NC)
  • Inline or bar manifold mounted

  • Collective wiring system - Sub-D 25 or 20-pin Multi Conector


Valve Islands - PVL Series

Easy in, easy out stack assembly speeds installation and makes future configuration changes or service fast and simple. Output ports available either threaded or with instant tube fittings. Thin valve cross sections allow for more valve outputs in a smaller package. Stack has two common exhaust galleries.

  • Three body sizes

  • Stacking manifold valves designed for DIN rail mounting

  • Single and double solenoid or air pilot operated